What’s in your basement? Here’s what you can expect in your home

I have a small basement, and I am not sure I can say that I have anything special there.

It is a simple place to put things that would normally go into a house, or a large room that I think I have enough room to store a camera.

But what is in my basement?

Well, a lot.

And I think most people would agree that the answer to that question is yes.

But where does it all go?

Let’s take a look.

The basement, the house, and the kitchen There are several places in my house that are all very similar.

I have the kitchen, the bathroom, and a small room that houses a large camera.

In the kitchen is the large, flat-screen television that I use for daily home watching and is a perfect fit for a large, high-definition television set.

But for most people, the TV is not as large as it could be, and it does not come with the same capabilities that the large flat-panel television does.

It does have a built-in remote control, but I don’t use it as much as I used to, and for some reason the remote does not work very well.

So for me, the large TV is the main draw, and that is why I am always using the small room in the basement.

The kitchen is a very typical kitchen with a very large sink and a stove.

The stove is usually the primary cooking appliance, and most of the time I am using the stove to cook my own meals, and when I am done cooking, I am happy to leave it alone.

There is a dishwasher, but that does not get much use in my home because it has a tendency to come apart.

The bathroom is a bit more unique, because it is not a typical room in my living space.

I don “do” my laundry, and as a result, there is a sink in the bathroom that I like to use to wash the laundry, but it is also quite common for me to leave the laundry in the sink.

That is not the case in the house.

I love to wash dishes in the washing machine.

In fact, I wash almost all of the dishes in my apartment with the washing machines in the kitchen.

There are some exceptions, like the dishwasher in the dining room that comes with a large bucket of water and I use it to clean the tablecloth.

I am sure that this is a good place to be if you are in need of something to clean, but in most cases, the kitchen and the bathroom are used as a separate living space for me.

The dining room is the largest part of the living space, and is very large in size, so there is always room for a big dishwasher.

In my kitchen, there are only two appliances, a microwave and a dishwashing machine.

The microwave is the most basic appliance and it is used almost exclusively for washing dishes, and washing dishes is the only thing that I would use the dishwashing in the shower to clean.

The dishwasher is a better choice if you need to wash more than just dishes, because you can wash a wide variety of dishes.

I do not use the dishes at all, but when I need a dish to be washed, I clean the dishes and then put them in a dish washing machine, then rinse them and put them on the cutting board.

I also use the cutting boards to clean up the sink and the dishes that I put on the floor and then use them for the dish washing.

The dishes that come in the pantry are washed in the dish-washing machine in my kitchen.

The pantry is a great place to have a dish or two for a quick and easy meal.

And if you want to make a quick meal that you can eat in the comfort of your own home, I think that the pantries are the place to go.

The bedroom The bedroom is a large space that is the primary place for my bedroom.

The bed is always the primary bed, but for most of my life I have always been able to use the sofa for sleeping.

In most cases the sofa is not large enough to comfortably sleep on, and in most homes, the bedroom is the space where most people sleep.

The sofa is one of the biggest living spaces in the room.

The mattress is a big part of my bed, and many of the beds in my room are very small.

But in most of these bedrooms, the mattress is the first thing that people notice when they enter the room, and they don’t like to leave.

I know this because my family always leaves when we go to sleep, and there is usually a mattress there waiting to be used by our guests.

The next bed in the bedroom has a mattress in it that I often use for sleeping in my own bed.

I think it is a nice feature for people who like to stay in their own beds.

The rest of the bedroom, however, is the bedroom for me when I