Google says it will launch a new Google Home device that it calls a “smart speaker” in 2018

Google’s new Google Glass is the company’s latest foray into smart home technology.

The Google Home will let people set up home automation and entertainment systems that can monitor and control their home and turn on or off lights, thermostats and security systems.

It will also be able to monitor temperature and make voice commands to turn on appliances, the company said.

The Home is not designed to replace the traditional Philips Hue lights or Amazon Echo devices.

Instead, it is meant to serve as a bridge between home automation devices and Google’s cloud services, according to the company.

Google is not disclosing pricing details for the device.

However, it says the device will be priced at $299 and the Google Home app will cost $79.99.

Google said the device is “designed to be a bridge to Google’s other products and services, like HomeKit, Google Assistant and Chromecast.”

“Google Home will enable people to easily integrate their existing HomeKit devices into a home, such as Philips Hue, Amazon Echo or Google Home,” the company added.

“And it will allow them to share their home’s lighting and control settings with Google Assistant, Google Home, and other Google services.”

Google will launch the Home at an event at 10am EDT (1530 GMT) on April 25 in New York City, a company spokeswoman said.

The device will also launch in Australia, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and the UK.

Google Home is available now at a price of $299.99 (RM3,900) from Google’s online store.