How to print your own house print

Print a house print and hang it up at home.

The DIY technique involves only four basic steps, all of which require nothing more than some glue and a sturdy sheet of cardboard.1.

Get your house print readyFirst, get your house prints ready.

To make the cut, cut out the outline of the house print.

To save a lot of time, cut your print in half.

This ensures that you’ll have enough room for your house paper to be folded in half while the edges are still intact.2.

Fold the house paper into thirdsPlace your folded house print in thirds.

Fold in half the corners, the top and bottom.

You’ll end up with two thirds of the paper.3.

Cut your house-print to sizeCut your folded paper into quarters.

Use the ruler on the ruler-stick to measure and cut the quarters.

You can then cut out your house design from the quarters into quarters as well.4.

Hang the house-printsTo hang your printed house-paper, first make a mark on the inside of the box and then glue it shut with the glue.

The glue helps hold the house design in place.

If you want to add an additional layer of glue, simply put the glue in a small tube with a needle.

The house-printed print hangs nicely.

You might want to make another hole for the hole to hang out of if the glue starts to dry out.5.

Fold it in halfNow, fold the house in thirds again to make a house shape.

Cut a half-inch off the end of each quarter, then fold the other half in half and hang the finished house.

The print is hanging perfectly.

You’re done!

Your house-Print is now ready to be used in the home!