Which restaurant has the best menu?

We asked readers to vote for their favorite print house restaurants, and in the end, the answer was a resounding YES.

We asked readers how they would choose their favorite restaurant in the city, and they voted for a few.

Here’s what the winners were, in alphabetical order.

For the most part, readers voted for restaurants in their own words.

Here are the winners of the most recent Readers’ Choice Award:1.

The Pinnacle Cafe (2 stars) The Pigna Café has been a staple in South Australia since the late 1800s.

The restaurant is located in a historic downtown building, and is a gem for any visitor to Adelaide.

The menu includes a wide range of vegetarian dishes, including a selection of lentils and vegetable soup.2.

Pintos (1 star) Pinto is a popular eatery in the Adelaide CBD, with a wide variety of vegetarian options, and a wide selection of vegetarian tacos.

It’s located near the intersection of Pignoron Street and South Adelaide Street, just steps away from the Adelaide Zoo.3.

Cane & Son (2) Cane and Son’s classic menu is a great place to start your day with some of Adelaide’s best veggie options, with lots of options for veggie tacos, pasta, and burgers.4.

Cans (2 star) Cans has been in Adelaide since the mid-1960s, but they’ve grown into a popular food destination.

Their menu has grown with the changing times, and you can find a variety of dishes that include a variety (and often more than one) of their signature dishes, such as the “Cane-in-a-can”, with a variety on the menu of meats.5.

The Spotted Cow (2.5 stars) It’s hard to beat the smell of a well-kept cow.

This traditional breakfast and lunch spot is located on the corner of South Adelaide and Main Street, right by the Adelaide Museum.

The menu includes the usual dishes of burgers, burgers, sausages, chicken, fish, and veggie dishes.6.

The Pig and The Pig (2 Star) Located near the CBD, The Pig & The Pig is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

They have a good selection of traditional and vegetarian dishes.7.

Dining in the Garden (2 Stars) Located in a new building on Adelaide’s Main Street (next to the zoo), this new eatery offers a wide choice of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

The kitchen is open every day, and the menu is always changing.8.

The Fruits (2-3 stars) One of Adelaides best restaurants, the Fruit is a local favourite, with an excellent selection of local and regional cuisine.

Their signature dishes are made fresh daily.9.

The Dining Room (2+ stars) Located on the main street, this restaurant has a big selection of locally-made, locally-sourced, and locally-inspired dishes.

The owner is always making sure that the food is fresh, and there’s always something for everyone on the menus.10.

The Mango and The Berry (2+) Located in the old Adelaide Public Library building, The Mangos and The Bries have been in business for over 100 years, serving the local community since the 1920s.

Their traditional food, including traditional Filipino dishes, is the mainstay.11.

The Art Gallery (2-) Located in an old industrial building in the CBD (just across the street from the CBD Zoo), the Art Gallery is a wonderful place to catch up on some art history.

It offers many contemporary and local artworks, and its extensive display of works from across the art world can be an interesting experience.12.

The Meat Market (2)- The Meat and Vegetable Market (aka the Meat Market) is a modern take on traditional South Australian meat and veg.

There are plenty of local vegetarian options to choose from, as well as many regional dishes, as we mentioned above.13.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (2.)

Located in South Adelaide, the Royal Adelaide has been serving the South Australian community since 1876.

Their popular “Royal Adelaide” menu is served at most restaurants in the area, and their classic and authentic meat and seafood dishes are a favourite of many local residents.14.

The Kite House (2 – 3 stars) Kite is a family owned restaurant in a well known shopping street.

Their casual atmosphere and delicious dishes will delight any visitor.15.

The Bierhaus (2 or 3 stars – 1) Located at the intersection between Adelaide’s Old City and CBD, the Bier is one of Adelaide ‘s most iconic dining experiences.

The family-run restaurant is known for its traditional cuisine and the fresh ingredients that are used to create the dishes that are served.16.

The Cabbage Inn (2/3) Located just