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The NextWeb: The Printshop article A paper print shop that sells prints by Jim Hodges and James Hewlett and the Inkhouse printer, is going through its second printing at the Icon House printer in New York City.

The paper shop, located in the Lower East Side, was founded by Hodges in 2006.

It sells ink houses and prints by James Hewitt, which Hodges used to run for Inkhouse before it went bankrupt in 2013.

The Inkhouse team said it had bought the space from Hodges last year.

Hodges was the co-founder of the paper print studio, Inkhouse, in the early 2000s, before it was bought by Inkhouse in 2015.

It has a new print shop in downtown Los Angeles that is owned by the print shop, which was founded in 2009.

When the Icon house first opened in 2014, it was a paper shop that sold ink houses.

Icon House is an ink house that is used to make printed books.

The space is the new home of the Ink House print shop and the new printer, and will be called Ink House Printshop.

 The Icon house has a total of 1,800 employees.

It’s the third printing of the printshop in three years.