How to find your ideal house

This is the most sought-after house in Edinburgh, and its owners are ready to sell their property.

The new owners of the former East End Hotel have just put their house on the market, but don’t expect to see it for years.

The former East East Building was demolished in 2016 and the property sits vacant on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

But it is now being renovated, and is ready to go up for sale.

The home has been on the city’s official list of historic buildings since 2007.

It’s also been on Edinburgh’s Land Registry since 2012.

However, owners say the city isn’t ready for a house of its kind, and are hoping to sell it for around £1 million.

The house was built in 1884 and originally belonged to the Scottish government, and the Edinburgh Fire and Rescue Service (EFSR).

Its original owner was an engineer who used the building to build railway stations, and a few years later it was also home to a railway depot.

The EFSR eventually sold it to the City of Edinburgh in 1987, and then to the National Trust in 1994.

But now the owners want to move the house to a bigger location, which is why they have put it on the official listing.

“The owners want a larger property, which would allow them to live there, and be able to enjoy a much bigger space, so that we can put a lot of the people and facilities in it,” says Edinburgh-based architect Paul Hurd.

He has designed many homes in Edinburgh over the years, including one on the River Clyde.

“I would love to have the building, the property and a large space that would allow us to create a more modern house,” he said.

“And we’d also like to have a new view of the surrounding landscape.”

The property is one of only four listed houses in Edinburgh to be sold.

It is one block away from the National Museum of Scotland.

Hurd also designed two other homes in the city: the former City of Scotland Building in the heart of Edinburgh’s East End, and an elegant house on King Street in the old City of Glasgow.

“A lot of our properties are in the middle of nowhere, so we want to be able see them from the street, and also from a distance,” he explained.

“We’re also looking at new buildings in the area, so they’re quite similar to the EFSr building.”

And there’s more than just the EFRSR building to the south of the property.

The former East Side Building was originally home to the West Side Hotel, which closed in 2008, but now the site has been redeveloped and turned into a hotel.

And the former West End Hotel has also been put on the City’s Land Register since 2012, as well as the National Library.

The property’s owners hope to have it open to the public by 2021.