The new ‘Rabbit’ house is the next big thing in Brisbane’s housing market

Brisbane is now home to more than 40,000 dwellings, with the city’s population growing by around 10,000 a year.

But with the number of people moving into the city has also been on the rise.

One of the biggest factors in that growth is the arrival of the Rabbit housing estate, which is the citys first apartment-style house built by Rabbit builders.

The rabbit-infused house has a footprint of 2,800 square metres (almost 7,000 sq ft), and the Brisbane City Council is funding the development with a $500,000 grant from the Queensland Government.

“The Rabbit houses have been in the pipeline for a while now and we’re finally getting the build done, so we’re really excited to finally be able to showcase the building here in Brisbane,” said Brisbane Mayor Steven Miles.

The house will be located at the Rabbit building site on the city councils southern fringe, which houses the city city and city-centre. “

You can see the history of the city from the houses here, and it’ll have some amazing architecture to boot.”

The house will be located at the Rabbit building site on the city councils southern fringe, which houses the city city and city-centre.

The council also partnered with architect Paul Jonsson to develop the project, which will include a large open plan courtyard.

The house’s roof is made of carbon fibre, and is covered in a multi-level glass roof with a custom-designed window in the centre.

The building’s exterior walls are covered in an aluminium framework and a carbon-fibre facade.

The building will be fully prefabricated and the interior is also carbon-free, with a large wood deck and solar-powered kitchen and bathroom.

The interior will have a large balcony that overlooks the river and is set against a backdrop of Brisbane’s cityscape.

The project was officially launched on Saturday, with an unveiling ceremony taking place at the city councils Brisbane City Hall.

The house was also officially unveiled to the public at the Brisbane Zoo on Tuesday, where visitors were able to get a look inside.

A large public event, featuring a grand opening and a reception to honour the house, will be held at the building’s development site on February 11.

The Rabbit House will be designed by Paul Jonesson, who is well-known for his work on high-rise projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Grand Central Hotel and the Grosvenor Hotel.

The home’s design was inspired by the architectural style of the Victorian house he designed in the 1950s, and the house’s exterior features are inspired by that design.

The Brisbane City council has also funded the design, which has already received pre-bid approval from the Federal Government, and plans to commence construction on the Rabbit House in the coming months.