Creative print house dubia to create 3D printable ‘Kung Fu’ prints

Dubai: Creative printhouse dubia has developed 3D printing tools that allow consumers to create printable objects.

Dubai’s Printable Art and Technology Company is the first print shop to release a 3D printer that can print objects with an accuracy of about 10 microns.

Dubia said the technology, called “Kung fu” printing, allows consumers to “make things out of nothing.”

The printable items can be made in 3D on any 3D printed printer and then shipped.

Dubius, a company that has been creating printers for over a decade, has been producing its printers at the Printable Arts Center, a Dubai print shop owned by the Dubai Printworks Association.

Dubiums products are designed to be printed in a variety of colors and sizes, from the cheapest materials like PLA and ABS to more expensive options such as polycarbonate and plastic.

The company said its printers can print almost anything, including furniture, wall decor, and even a “Kong Fu” mask for use in movies.

Dubii said the company has sold more than 300,000 printers, which it says has helped to support the local economy and help the local community.

“We’re here to create jobs for our people and create a better life for the future generations,” said Mohammed Al Qadri, the CEO of Dubius.

Dubiya’s main airport, Jumeirah, is one of the biggest employers in the UAE.

It has been a hub for tourism and manufacturing, and has been called the country’s “Silicon Valley.”

The country has also emerged as a hub of innovation and technology.