How to read a headline that makes you smile

A headline that gives you the same pleasure as reading a poem can also be the first thing to read when you’re reading a news story.

You may be surprised at how many headlines you read each day.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 headlines that are easy to read, but will make you smile.

Read on to learn how to read these stories.1.

“I just got married.”

This headline says exactly what it says.

“He just got engaged.”2.

“Lucky day for us.”

This headlines is a bit more upbeat than its title suggests.

“It’s a lucky day for the United States.”3.

“The best wedding ever.”

This story has the word “wedding” in its title.

“Best wedding ever” is a perfect title for a headline, since it says something more than just a wedding.4.

“A day like this.”

This is one of the most common headlines in news stories, and it’s often the first one you read when someone is talking about a big event.5.

“Crazy weather.”

This title says it all.

“Warming is coming.”6.

“Dramatic weather report.”

This text reads like a weather report, but it’s not a weather forecast.

Instead, it says it’s a day like the previous day.7.

“We’ve got a problem.”

This one is the most popular headline in news, and is often followed by the word, “problem.”

It’s a headline with a lot of information and can be the beginning of a new story.8.

“Happy birthday!”

This headline reads like it’s about a birthday.

“Bday” means happy.9.

“Merry Christmas!”

This title tells you everything you need to know about the holiday.

“Christmas” means happiness.10.

“Good luck.”

This has the words, “good luck.”

The word “good” can also mean happy or fortunate.

But if it’s followed by an “t,” the title could be the title of a song or an ad campaign.