What happens when you combine a house and an insect print?

Share this article Share A family in Australia has been sharing a home with an exotic animal print, as it was used to print their children’s artwork.

The print was used as a print on the house in Australia’s south-west, and a local newspaper has reported the family is now using the print to print posters and posters to advertise the local pet store.

The family said the print was printed on a home-made laminate using “a combination of traditional house and insect prints” and they are now using it as a poster for their local pet shop.

“I thought we should get a house, and we thought maybe this would be a nice alternative to buying a house,” their mother, Marissa, told the Melbourne Herald Sun.

“The print is just like a house with insects on it, so it’s a very special print.”

The print, which is made from recycled plastic, is about 18cm long and is printed on the laminate itself.

It is designed to resemble a butterfly print, with a wing-shaped pattern on the back.

Marissa and her husband, Brian, were looking for a print that would be useful for their kids, but decided to take their work and use it as part of their home.

“They really liked it,” Marissa said.

“We’ve got a butterfly in there, and they said, ‘We think you should do this, we think this might be something that’s good for our house’.” “It’s got some pretty good legs, and I’ve got some little ones.”

They have also printed some posters in the print, including one that features a baby bunny with a houseprint and a housecat with a butterfly.

Marisha and Brian, who are both in their early 60s, said the family has been able to print a lot of posters for local events and exhibitions, and it has been used for a few different events in the last year.

“Our main event for the past couple of years has been in the pub, and the people who came to see us were so impressed,” Marisha said.