What you need to know about the new design printhouse in London

The new printhouse is a design house, a new concept, and a creative home.

It will be the first to feature prints from the new Print House project.

The first print is to be a design by an art collective called the Print House, who have been working with artists, designers and architects to develop a design concept that is both playful and functional.

The prints will be made by hand by an artists collective that will create a print of a room by drawing the layout of a house and then colouring it.

The project was conceived by the art collective as an exercise to explore the relationship between design and art.

In addition to the print, a collection of prints will also be available.

A series of printmaking sessions will be held on the night of November 14, where participants will be given a hand-held printer to use to create a series of prints.

The exhibition will be run by the London Print Gallery and will be housed at the new print house.

“The Print House was a collaboration between the Print Gallery, the Arts and Culture Agency and the London Art Museum, which allowed us to explore how to build a space where we all can create a space of our own,” Ms Koeppe said.

This will be a collaborative space, she said.

“The prints will have a creative element that connects them with the people who create them.

It’s a really exciting space to be in.

People will be able to come to the gallery to meet with other designers, artists and artists who are working with the Printhouse to come up with a design for the printhouse.

For the first time, the gallery will be offering a limited number of prints and a series from the Print house, but the gallery is still waiting for people to join the design group.”

The print gallery will also offer prints from its own collections, including works by artists such as James Tipton and Richard Lecompton.

The gallery will launch a series, The Design of a Room, in which it will be running a series in collaboration with artists from around the world.