How ‘House’ prints are making a comeback

This print house, located in Sydney’s western suburbs, has been used to create prints for Japanese anime and manga artists for more than 40 years.

Key points:”A lot of people are now saying we’re doing a lot of this for Japanese and Japanese-style prints”The prints are made by hand, and often are done by hand by Japanese artists who do this for a living”It’s the best in the world,” said the owner, Haru.

The prints were initially made for Japan’s National Art Museum in Tokyo, but now the print shop is also selling prints at a number of events across Australia.

“I do a lot more anime prints now than I did 10 years ago,” he said.

“It used to be the case that when we made a print we had to take the money out and it was a bit of a burden, but in Japan they’re a bit more relaxed now, so we’re just happy to have the prints made by us and we’ll take care of it.”

We make the prints to look like Japanese prints, but they’re not.

They’re actually Japanese prints.

“They’re the best we can do.”

The print shop owner has been making prints for more then 40 years but it’s only now he has expanded into other styles.

“There are a lot other print shops out there,” he added.

“The print shops that are out there are just a few people making prints, and the best ones are the ones that have Japanese artists, so they’re going to be making prints from now on.”

“It means that we’re helping the Japanese artists make prints and it’s a way of supporting them in their career, so it’s really good.”

Haru said the prints were made by “a Japanese guy who is a really good artist”.

“The way he does the prints, the way he cuts them, and all that kind of stuff, it’s very unique and it makes them stand out,” he explained.

“He’s not just a good artist, he’s a great artist.”‘

A lot more prints are coming out’The prints range from an 80-page book of illustrations to an 11-inch print of a Japanese character.

“In Japan, there’s a big demand for prints,” Mr Haru said.

“So when you have a print that’s really, really well done, and it can be made by Japanese people, it means that there’s more prints coming out of this shop.”

He said he was pleased to have been able to expand to include prints from other artists.

“So we now have more prints that are coming in, but it means a lot that there are more prints,” he remarked.

“For us, that’s great.”

You have to pay the bills for a while and you have to work and then when the prints come out, it doesn’t cost a lot.