Clinton’s ‘stunningly beautiful’ wedding dress was actually a gift to her campaign, new research finds

In a stunning twist, a newly discovered wedding dress purchased by Hillary Clinton’s campaign from a designer in 2011 is actually a replica of a gift that she made to her family in 2011.

The new research, conducted by a team of researchers from The University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania, reveals that the Clintons gift to the family was actually made by the same designer who designed the original.

In an interview with CNN, the lead researcher, Andrew Stiles, said, “When we purchased the wedding dress from [a designer], we actually had to pay for it to be shipped to the Clinton family, so we actually did the exact same thing with that.”

He said the “stunning” fact that the wedding gown was actually created by Clinton’s team and not the designers who designed it was because the designers “never thought about this, never considered it.”

The research team has been looking for a way to figure out whether the wedding dresses purchased by Clinton and her husband Bill were actually gifts from the Clinton administration or were actually created specifically for the Clintons.

In 2015, Stiles published a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which found that while the Clinton’s wedding dress had been given to the Clintons by her husband in 2011, it was actually purchased from a private collector by the Clinton campaign in 2011 for a whopping $5,500.

He also noted that the same dress, once bought, was later sold for $3,500 to a collector.

The Clintons wedding dress, which was purchased in 2011 by the campaign for a staggering $5.5 million, was actually given to Bill Clinton in 2011 and used to create a signature signature gown for his wife.

In a tweet on May 16, 2015, the campaign confirmed that the dress was donated to the Hillary Clinton Presidential Library, and in a later tweet it said that “this was not a gift from the Hillary team.”

However, Stains said that his team had been looking at a “unique collection of wedding gowns” that they purchased in 2014 and 2015.

He said that this collection included the “Clinton House Prints” collection, a collection of prints made for the first family, and a “limited edition” collection of custom gowns.

The “House Prints collection includes prints of the Clintons’ most iconic photos and paintings and the ‘D’ in ‘The Princess Bride,'” which Stiles said were not originally intended for use on the wedding day.

He added that they were not intended to be a wedding gift, but rather were intended for the Clinton team as a wedding present.

The researchers also discovered that the “D’ Prints Collection includes custom gown pieces made for Bill Clinton and his wife, Michelle Obama, as well as other wedding gown items,” and that they “had identified several other collections of wedding items, including a small collection of gold wedding gown prints, as also being a gift by the Clintons in 2011.”

Stiles said that the fact that Bill Clinton used his personal signature to make the gown in 2011 “suggests he was actually the designer,” rather than the Clinton Family Foundation.

He said that when the Clinton wedding team contacted the family in 2014 to see if they would want to use the same design, they “came to us and said they’d really like to get that wedding dress back, so that’s when we decided to purchase it,” and “we were able to get the gown back for them.”

The Clinton team purchased the dress from designer and collector John Giannino, who is now known as the “Mr. Trump” and said that he donated it to the charity in 2011 because he thought the dress would look good in the photo of Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Stiles says that the Clintons also contacted Gianninos, who “said, ‘I don’t really have any more money so if you want to make it look better, I’ll do it for you.'”

Gianninos then “said we can do the same thing for the President, but I think we need to give it back to him, so I said, ‘Well, if you’d like to do it, then go ahead.'”

The researchers say that after the wedding, they contacted the Clinton Presidential library to ask about the gown, but they were told that the gown was a “purchased wedding dress” that had been used for President Clinton.

However, they say that it was not the dress that Bill and Michelle Clinton wore on the same day, and the researchers believe that the Trump team may have intended for it not to be used for a wedding.

“I think the President is more than happy with this,” said Stiles.

“He doesn’t really see the point of having it in the Presidential library.”

The team of scientists say that the findings are “very significant” because they “have previously found that the Presidential Library has previously donated a large number of wedding dresses to charity,