How to print with the print service on your tablet

Press the home button and choose Print > Print from the print menu, then choose your print printer.

It’s the default setting.

Select an ink color, a print size, and a size.

Choose your settings, then click Print to print.

You should see the page appear in your browser’s document list, which should include the page’s title and an image.

Choose Edit > Save as, then save the page.

Press Return to open the page in your editor.

Select the page you want to print, then select Print > Edit from the Print menu.

Choose a file name and choose the option to use a print service.

Select a file size and choose its default size.

Select Print > Save, then close the page, then reopen it.

The page should appear in the page list in the document list.

You can also choose Edit > Show in Web Browser, then Open in Web browser, or Edit > Print to save a page, and then open the image you want in a different browser.