How 3D printing will transform life in India

A year ago, the country had a total of 5,500 printing presses.

Now, with more than 60,000, more than 70% of India’s printers are 3D printers.

“I was just in the market and I saw 3D printed houses, and they are going to change our lives.

It’s going to make our lives easier,” says a young entrepreneur named Satish Sharma.

He has worked with a number of the startups that have started to take advantage of 3D print. 

“They are just making the houses that people want, they are not making something for the money,” he says.

He also feels the technology is coming to India, but the country needs to focus on the people who make the houses. 

In his opinion, India has not fully adopted the 3D Printing technology.

“They have done it but not fully.

There are still people who are against it and they do not want to change their way of life, because they know it is not for them.”

Sharma is an avid 3D printer, and he hopes the technology will spread.

“You can go and visit a place where you are, you will see how 3D prints a house.

People will come and buy them, and it will make people feel happy,” he adds.

3D-printing houses Sharma has also worked with other entrepreneurs to take the technology into the homes of their children.

For instance, he created a 3D model of his house in 3D.

In a photo, the model was created to illustrate how a house is made. 

He is also working on a 3-D model for his 3-year-old son. 

Shiva hopes that the technology can spread through his own businesses.

“What will happen is we will start a 3rd party company, that will make the models.

That way, people can buy 3D models for their own home and they will make them for themselves,” he hopes. 

The use of 3-dimensional printers is growing rapidly. 

India has a population of about 5.5 billion, and is expected to have a total population of more than 6.5 crore by 2020.

3-d printing is becoming a way to produce affordable, high-quality products.

3GPP says that there is now a huge demand for 3- and 4-D printers, and this demand will be met by the adoption of 3d printing in the country.

3DPrinting is also becoming more mainstream, as it is increasingly used in industries like construction and manufacturing. 

With 3D and other 3-and-4-D printing technologies, India can be more competitive, with fewer manufacturing and other costs. 

But Sharma says it is only a matter of time before we see a revolution in the way we produce things. 

Watch our interactive 3D Model of a 3d Printing House in the video below: