Which players will be on the pitch at the new house in Milan?

It has been confirmed that Alessandro Nesta, Stefano Sturaro, Stefania Materazzi and Alessandro Zola will be joining the newly renovated house in the capital.

It will be home to the Italian internationals during the upcoming season. 

The new house will be the latest addition to the prestigious Italian house of the same name, located on the third floor of the former Ponte Vecchio. 

On January 5, 2019, the new owner of the house, the Ponte Viaduct, was reported to have completed a major renovation project.

The house has been named after the famous Ponte Vesuvius. 

 Nesta is the captain of Milan, Sturaro will captain Juventus and Zola is currently a regular in the Italian national team. 

After the transfer window closed on March 29, 2019 and the new owners announced the sale of the Potezza Poggio, the news of the move to the new home was reported on several occasions. 

In September, the Italian club announced that the new ownership will be making the move with the assistance of an agency and will not have to make the long-awaited sale of Ponte Vici to the city of Milan.