The ‘Beidel’ Loughborough House Print Dress is Officially Back

A woman who claims to have found a Beidel printing studio in Loughton has told The Lad she has been offered a job there.

In a post on Facebook, the woman, who did not want to be named, said she was contacted by a Beel employee who said they had offered a “satisfactory” job offer to someone with the name of ‘Ruth’.

The woman said she did not know if the woman was working there, but said she “had no doubts that it was her”.

“She said ‘I’m so excited, you should come here for a visit, I’ve got a job lined up for you and you can go and see it yourself’,” she said.

“She was quite excited, and I was like ‘wow’.”

It was very nice and she said ‘it’s just for a few hours, you’ll see how I make it’.

“Then she gave me the call to come in and see what the hell is going on.”

The woman was offered the position of ‘print dresser’ by Beel, the company behind the Beidel line of high-end clothing and accessories.

In the post, she said the company “told me that my name is on the wall, it’s the Beel name, and that it is a great job”.

She said she is currently in “training” with the company, and is looking for work.

A spokesperson for Beel told The Associated Press the company was “extremely disappointed” that the woman had not been offered the job, but would “continue to make efforts to assist her”.

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